ITC0017: Bullerengue Circle – In the Chestnuts

SHOW: Inside The Chestnuts –

“A collective using #bullerengue as a tool for self-awareness to understand our inner rhythm and connect with our creative self”

Bullerengue is a traditional musical genre and dance from the Caribbean Region of Colombia and the DariƩn Province in Panama. It is typically sung and preserved primarily by elderly women, accompanied by local artisan drums, and developed in the Palenques or Maroon communities.

In this podcast Astehmari speaks with Rafael Esteban Cardona Hernandez and Valeria Pacific of Bullerengue Circle just after they facilitated their first cultural arts workshop at the Chestnuts Community Centre in Tottenham N15. It was wonderful and we had an insightful reasoning on the origins of the African-Colombian cultural arts, rooted in the Palenques Maroon communities’ traditions you know we went deep.

We’re pleased to welcome the new Circle into the centre and look forward to future workshops and programmes by these reverent art practitioners. The Bullerengue Circle workshops explore the “Afro Colombian” rhythms of Bullerengue through dance and drums, breath command, freedom of expression and the raising of One’s well-being are at the heart of the point. Sessions are multi-lingual with a good depth of historical insight and due respect the Ones who came before.

Enjoy the show.

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