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TC0007: Looking for The Answer to Racism and IMPLEMENTING The Solution

SHOW: The Context –

TC0007:  Looking for The Answer to Racism and Implementing The Solution (Part 2)


Another classic interview with CSI Peter and Astehmari Batekun (Principal of the BOU).

The title of the show says it all.

Let the Black Open University (BOU) (http://blackopenuniversity.hns.to) team know if your want to support the CSI Training for the Neutralisation of Racism programme.

Did you hear?

TC0001: ‘AFRICAN SPIRITUALITY’? JUSTICE AND RACISM WITH CSI PETER – PART 1 (https://broadcast.ulearnnaturally.org/podspace/?p=157)

Also, checkout this great video interview of CSI Peter on AILTV : https://youtu.be/YvCbYC5Fm68