STS0005: Queen Afua launches UK University programme – 2016-7 – Planet Healers

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STS0005: Queen Afua launches UK University programme – 2016-7 – Planet Healers

This show shares the full launch evening held here in the UK on the 14th Oct 2016.

TC0001: ‘African Spirituality’? Justice and Racism with CSI Peter – Part 1

SHOW:  The Context –




TC0001: ‘African Spirituality’? Justice and Racism with CSI Peter – Part 1


This is the launch episode of The Context , a show for the exploration of social and political events respecting and opening up “the context”; systemic racism – local, national & global. With deeper knowledge we may replace racism with justice, if indeed that is the right thing to do.  Astehmari caught up with CSI Peter an independent “crime scene investigator” of racism.


We had a great reasoning on the importance of the Word, in particular we explored revising the term ‘African Spirituality’, the root meaning of the word justice and how racism connects to the flow.


We’re looking forward to Part 2, you will too !

STS0004: BlackPoppyRose Organisation at Remembrance gathering – Trafalgar Square – August 2016


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STS0004: BlackPoppyRose Organisation at Remembrance gathering – Trafalgar Square – August 2016


In this 4th episode of the School Teacher Speaks Show Astehmari caught up with Selina Carty from at the Slavery Remembrance Day (21st August 2016, Trafalgar Square.  We had a great reasoning on the importance of Remembrance.

Growing up in the UK, most people are aware of the Red Poppy, which signifies British remembrance, as celebrated by The Royal British Legion.

BlackPoppyRose fully supports the legacy of the red poppy, however, felt that as a member of the African/Black/Caribbean/Pacific Island communities it was important to highlight our contribution to world history.

The project began in 2010, following the realisation that in a country that many African/Black/Caribbean people call home, the history that represents us has been displaced over the course of time.

England has an excellent archive of the country’s historic achievements. These are documented and celebrated via monuments, statues and plaques, documentaries, books, articles and magazines, etc. However, there is a severe lack of representation displaying the full picture of history, including all of its contributors.


African/Black/Caribbean communities have consistently contributed to civilisation, even in the face of adversity and in spite of mankind’s most abhorrent treatment and atrocities against us. Throughout history, many of our generations have been displaced; our memories, our pain and our loss are universal. Whilst we do not wish to focus on negative aspects of history, we feel that it is important that our ancestors are recognised for their dues, of which many lost their lives in the process.

The BlackPoppyRose is a symbol for us to remember not only the soldiers, but also the peoples, of Africans/Black/Caribbean communities who contributed in any way for the War effort.


T: 078 6643 0733

STS0003: Prof Carolyn Cooper on Miss Lou and the Prapa Prapa Jamaican writing system (includes an introduction by Ras Astehmari Batekun to using the Ethiopian Fidel (syllabary-alphabet) to write Prapa Prapa Jamaican)


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STS0003: Prof Carolyn Cooper on Miss Lou and the Prapa Prapa Jamaican writing system (includes an introduction by Ras Astehmari Batekun to using the Ethiopian Fidel (syllabary-alphabet) to write Prapa Prapa Jamaican).


After hearing and seeing Prof Carolyn Cooper present on submerged narratives in Caribbean literature and popular culture I was moved to speak with her further on matters of linguistics and her vanguard efforts in promoting the writing and broadened professional use of the Jamaican language for the advancement of deeper, more natural learning and self realisation.

We spoke about her life, Miss Lou, Anansi and also explored ways of using the Ethiopian Fidel (syllabary-alphabet) to write Prapa Prapa Jamaican


Mek wi talk bout di bottom of di sea… check out this ground breaking episode of the School Teacher Speaks Show to hear our in-depth reasoning.

Referenced file:

ቢግ ቲኝዝ ኣ ጓኣን ፊ ሚስ ሉ  – ፕሮፌስሶር ካሮልይን ኩኡፐር

Big tingz a gwaan fi Mis Lou – by Professor Carolyn Cooper, The Gleaner (Jamaica).

– Article transcribed with the Ethiopian script (Fidel) by Ras Astehmari Batekun , September 2016.  Original Article:

THES0001: Teaching Our Own – The Black Homeschooling Fair 2016 – 10th Sept 2016 Croydon – Extracts and Highlights

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THES0001: Teaching Our Own – The Black Homeschooling Fair 2016 – 10th Sept 2016 Croydon – Extracts and Highlights


Do you have a school aged child of African or Caribbean descent?

Are you concerned about the education and care they are receiving in school?

Did you know you CAN TEACH YOUR OWN children full time or around their schooling?

Want to find out more?

This was the second Teaching Our Own – The Black Homeschooling Fair, which took place on Saturday 10th Sept 2016 at Sir Philip Games Centre, 38 Moreland Ave, Croydon, CR0 6EA, Time: 1 – 7pm.


For more info visit



It’s becoming apparent that the education system isn’t working as well as it should. Class sizes are increasing, governments are pressuring schools, schools are pressuring teachers, teachers are pressuring our children and our children of African or Caribbean descent are achieving lower grades than other children in many areas, without their cultural greatness being taught to them.

We need to make a change and it can start by us TEACHING OUR OWN

Whether you want to take your child out of school and teach them full time or you want to know what you can do with them at home around their schooling, this is the event for you.

The event was well attended and progressive.  On the day there was:

  • – Talks from parents & educators on the downfalls of the school system, benefits and ‘How-to’s” of homeschooling, plus a panel of past and present homeschooling families your can hear from and ask questions to.
  • – Market – We’ll have a range of black owned businesses selling products and services to help your homeschooling journey – contact Ma’at on 07961 360795 to book your stall
  • – Children’s activities – There’ll be activities for children on the day, plus a bouncy castle.
  • – Healthy Food – Delicious health conscious foods and drinks will also be sold on the day.


For more information visit or call 07957946947

CDT0001: Prof Donald Palmer speaks on Ethnic Skin Types – #uLearnScience2016

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Ethnic skin types: are there differences in skin structure and function? [#uLearnScience2016]

Professor Donald Palmer

Lead presenter Professor Donald Palmer
Brixton, Friday 11th March, 6.00pm – 9.00pm, FREE (£3+ donation is helpful)

People of skin of colour comprise the majority of the world’s population and Asian subjects comprise more than half of the total population of the earth. Even so, the literature on the characteristics of the subjects with skin of colour is limited. Several groups over the past decades have attempted to decipher the underlying differences in skin structure and function in different ethnic skin types. However, most of these studies have been of small scale and in some studies inter-individual differences in skin quality overwhelm any racial differences. There has been a recent call for more studies to address genetic together with phenotypic differences among different racial groups and in this respect several large-scale studies have been conducted recently. The most obvious ethnic skin difference relates to skin colour which is dominated by the presence of melanin.

Join us this evening as Professor Donald Palmer reviews and simplify a ground breaking paper by Prof A. V. Rawlings. Let’s get to know some of the principle ideas behind this very revealing question.


This event is part of the ulearn Naturally Science Week 2016 Programme, a contribution to British Science Week 2016 from Abundance Centres (UK) –

SKIN DEEP S.T.E.A.M: The Science and Politics of the Dark Tone


Presentation Powerpoint as PDF

STS0001: The principle story of Dr Oyibo and the GAGUT (DNA Heal Mix)

SHOW:  School Teacher Speaks –


The principle story of Dr Oyibo and the GAGUT (GOD Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem).

Gabriel Oyibo, a Professor of Mathematics at OFAPPIT Institute of Technology, New York, USA has written two books published by Nova Science Publishers, New York, USA under the single title Grand Unified Theorem (GUT) and two different subtitles:

(a) Representation of the Unified Theory or the Theory of Everything ISBN 1-59033-134-6 (Copyright ©2001) (referred to as GUT-I), and

(b) Discovery of the Theory of Everything and the Fundamental Building Block of Quantum Theory. ISBN 1-1-59033-835-9 (Copyright ©2004) (referred to as GUT-II)

The analytical framework of the GUT in these two books is reviewed in this article from both mathematical and physical points of view in order to bring out its connection with the usual realization of conformal invariance in analytical projective space – time geometry and dilatation and conformal current conservation in relativistic quantum field theory.

Sampled speech from:
Dr. Booker T. Coleman (Kaba Hiawatha Kamene) & Dr. Gabriel Oyibo – GAGUT Theory & The Shabaka Stone PT 1 –

DNA Heal Mix Sponsor:
NEW BOOK – “Abit’s Secret” reveals a new creative and integrated way to learn the first key ideas of inner and outer space; Now Science, the Arts & Maths are naturally unified fun for all.

STS0002: Danca Da Liberdade – Exploring cross curricular learning (Sat 6th Aug 2016)

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STS0002:  Danca Da Liberdade – Exploring cross curricular learning (Sat 6th Aug 2016)


I had the good fortune to be invited to a regular class at Danca Da Liberdade on Saturday 6th August 2016.

Danca Da Liberdade is a capoeira group from Rio de Janeiro led by Mestre Guimba. Based in South London they have capoeira classes for adults in Kennington, West Norwood, Dulwich and Croydon and children’s capoeira classes in Dulwich, West Norwood, Kennington and Clapham.  The London operation is led by Sarah and her collective of supporting member parents.

Whilst visiting i got news of an interesting maths dance type learning exploration and reasoned with the school’s Principal Teacher, Prof Sarah Moltoni.  Have a listen and hear more for yourself.


Contact: Danca Da Liberdade Capoeira School

Email: info @
Telephone: 077 3997 3890

136 Streatham High Road
Streatham SW16 1BW
Entrance on Woodbourne Avenue

AA0001: Music For Youth (MFY) – National Festival 2016 – Several schools performing orchestral music.

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It was a real pleasure seeing Francis Winston, a classically trained Composer, Clarinetist & Saxophonist, Producer, Educator, Writer, and now currently Head of Music at The Charter School (Southwark, London) conducting his schools mixed age group orchestra at the Music for Youth National Festival 2016 (July 7th) in Birmingham, wonderful!


Many of his former clients and students have gone on to become music industry professionals, working with established artists such as Damon Dash, Emeli Sande, Ellie Goulding, Jay-Z, Jessie-J, Leona Lewis, Naughty Boy, Pharrell Williams and Tim Westwood but to name a few.

Music for Youth returned to Birmingham with the largest youth music festival to celebrate the UK’s most inspiring young musicians. The city came alive with 5 days of extraordinary music, taking place across 3 world class stages and city-centre locations. There were over 400 live performances.  Have a listen here on uLearn Naturally Radio to some of the great school performances I heard, including The Charter School’s ground breaking performance of A Fifth Of Beethoven and Going The Distance (Bill Conti).

It is important to note Francis Winston’s grand and successful efforts in bringing the empowerment of being on national platforms to children of diverse heritage. These national platforms should feel honoured too, even if they never seem to recognise the facts and inner vibes.

Hail the young people of The Charter School Orchestra.

Hail Master Winston, keep up the great works.

You’ve got to checkout The Charter School’s Blog, their voice, their experience: