ITC0002: #ChestnutsCelebration Community Open Day – @ChestnutsPark @ChestnutsCentre – 15th July 2017 London N15

SHOW: Inside the Chestnut –

ITC0002: #ChestnutsCelebration Community Open Day – @ChestnutsPark @ChestnutsCentre – 15th July 2017 London N15


A day of celebrations around the wonderful community of Chestnuts; the park, the centre and the whole interrelated community working to build a better future for all.

There were many organisations involved in the day, thanks for your presence and contributions, the community clearly valued all.  Below are just a few of the ones featured in this podcast.  Do contact the Bridge Renewal Trust and / or Friends of Chestnuts Park (FOCP) for more info.

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Xim – Drum Lead for the Day
Tottenham Samba Fusion

Geoffrey Ocen – Chief Executive
Bridge Renewal Trust
Whole Health Services. Community Empowerment, Facilities and Impact management for Haringey
@ChestnutsCentre | Twitter

Ceri Williams – Chair
Friends of Chestnuts Park (FOCP)
Friends of Chestnuts Park is open to everyone who wants to campaign to improve our local park here in South Tottenham, London N15
@ChestnutsPark | Twitter

Cllr Stephen Mann – Mayor of Haringey

Tottenham Community Choir
@TottenhamChoir | Twitter

Alex Dayo – Master Drummer
From complete beginners to performance players, drumming tuition to cater for everyone’s needs.
@DjembeFinsbury | Twitter

Astehmari Batekun – Executive Member (Chair)
Abundance Centres (UK) – uLearn Naturally Learners’ Co-operative
Cross-curricular, STEM, STEAM, integrated, family directed learning for all ages and stages.. – Home School Knowledge Exchange Project
@uLearnNaturally | Twitter

Pan Nation Steel Orchestra

St Ann’s Redevelopment Trust (StART)
StART is a group of Haringey residents and workers who want to see the St. Ann’s Hospital site used permanently for the good of all our local communities.
@StARTharingey | Twitter

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This podcast was brought to you in association with the Black Open University:


TC0004: An Evening With Dr Angela Herbert MBE Fund Raising Event 07-07-17 (inc interview with Dr Neville Lawrence OBE & Birthday Celebrations)

SHOW:  The Context –

TC0004: An Evening With Dr Angela Herbert MBE Fund Raising Event 07-07-17 (inc interview with Dr Neville Lawrence OBE & Birthday Celebrations)

Raising funds for 4 organisations who defy statistics and support youth in the community towards achieving their dreams and their birthrights.

TC0004: An Evening With Dr Angela Herbert MBE Fund Raising Event 07-07-17 (inc interview with Dr Neville Lawrence OBE & Birthday Celebrations)


THSS0001: Hair Structure Science Poster (Sheet #1) – Introduction

SHOW:  The Hair Science Show –


THSS0001:  Hair Structure Science Poster (Sheet #1) – Introduction

My team and I have produced this poster that powerfully introduces the biological structures in hair from the root to the elemental level. Here is a taster video where i, Astehmari Batekun, as the Principal Producer speaks on the many areas covered by this great educational learning resource, we’ve highlighted the importance of these study areas as keys to enhancing knowledge of Self.

This learning resource introduces hair structures in a powerful new way, it gently brings to mind all the key maths, biology and chemistry ideas that are needed for critical overstandings and enhanced visualisation. For the first time it features the African coiled hair structure in a high quality biological cross section display, however it should be noted that the poster’s key learning points are relevant to all people. Produced in the pedagogy of Unifiedknowledge this poster transcends “hair” as it covers core ideas that relate cross-curricular (integrated learning).

Purchasers of this unique and brilliant poster can also apply for access to the full online version which allows high definition detailed zoom in “google map” style on your PC, phone or tablet ! This is a great compliment to having the physical poster, do enjoy the fullness. Apply here now:, confirm your name, date and place of poster purchase for full and free access online.

Watch intro video:


Order your copies now:

Hair Structure Science Poster (Sheet #1)

A2, Laminated, £9.95 – [ BUY YOUR COPIES NOW ! ]

ITC0001: Haringey Voluntary and Community Sector Expo 2016 – A 1st for the Bridge Renewal Trust

SHOW:  Inside the Chestnut –



ITC0001: Haringey Voluntary and Community Sector Expo 2016 – A 1st for the Bridge Renewal Trust

On Friday 25 November 2016 from 11.00am – 4.00pm the uLearn Naturally Radio team attended the Bridge Renewal Trust‘s 1st organisation of Haringey Voluntary and Community Sector Expo 2016. This very successful event took place at Tottenham Town Hall and there the outstanding work and achievements of Haringey’s community groups and voluntary organisations were showcased.

The Bridge Renewal Trust in partnership with The London Borough of Haringey invited all to attend this annual public event and large numbers of the public and partner organisations from the voluntary, public and private sectors turned out en-mass.


There was a mix of activities including exhibition stalls, panel discussions and awards to recognise a variety of achievements.



Stall Organisation – Area of work

1 Open Door – youth

2 Rockstone Foundation – sport and physical activity

3 Just Add Spice – time credits

4 Haringey Recovery Service – drugs and alcohol

5 Bringing Unity Back in the Community (BUBIC) – drugs

6 HAGA – alcohol

7 Studio 306 Collective – arts & crafts

8 Word Power Black Literature Festivals – arts and culture

9 Push Camp UK (the people development company)

10 PHASCA (Pyramid Health and Social Care Association) – health

11 Innovative Vision Organisation – HIV, skills, health

12 HENRY – early years

13 Haringey Forum For Older People – older people

14 Selby Trust – infrastructure (Community)

15 HAVCO – infrastructure

16 Victim Support Haringey – crime / safety

17 Haringey Law Centre Legal – advice

18 Tottenham Community Press – media

19 Unity Radio – radio

20 Streetz Ahead – health / physical act.

21 Abundance Centres (UK) – uLearn Naturally Radio – education / radio

22 Ambitious about Autism – Ambitious College – disability / education

23 MLB Learning Solutions – enterprise

24 Elite Estate Recycling; Live Eat Recycle – environment

25 Roj Women Association – Kurdish & Turkish Women’s Centre

26 Lordship Hub – environment

27 Causeway Irish Housing Association – housing

28 Circle Housing – housing

29 St Mungo’s – housing

30 Highway House – homeless

31 StART – St Ann’s Redevelopment Trust – regeneration

32 Northumberland Park Resident Board – regeneration

33 Mind in Haringey Mental – health

34 Nafsiyat Mental – health

35 Embrace UK – health

36 A-Team Mental – health

37 HAIL – disability

38 Markfield – disability

39 Public Voice / Healthwatch / Haringey Advice Partnership – health watchdog

40 Haringey Citizens Advice / Crutch Haringey – advice

41 Bridge Renewal Trust Health – community


Funding Workshop and one to one sessions by The Arts Council England (fundraising support and insights):

[PODCAST TIMESTAMP: 9 mins 15 seconds – for your ease this section starts here]



Paul Bonham (Diversity Relationship Manager) from the Arts Council gave a very insightful workshop on Arts council funding.



Featured facilitators:

[PODCAST TIMESTAMP: 1 hour 0 mins 0 seconds – for your ease this section starts here]

brilliance-acuk-logo-2016-w900 rabu-black-crane-thumbnail

Unifiedknowledge approach to education (Maths taught through creative arts – drumming) by Schools Of Unified Learning (SOUL) c/o Abundance Centres (UK) & Astehmari Batekun



Dance demo by Streetz Ahead – Principal Dancer: Elisabeth Lahav – “Streetz Ahead inspires young people to express themselves to build their confidence through the power of dance and performance in a creative, inclusive and supportive environment and also engages a wider range of young audiences through their professional productions using their unique style.”


Panel discussions:


The uLearn Naturally Radio team were the official independent recorders of the day, we spoke with visitors, exhibitors and in this podcast you’ll be able to hear the full discourse of the panel discussions which took place in the side hall. Those discussions were very interesting so you’ll be pleased to now be able to hear from local experts and decision makers on two topics that local people were keen to address (in the background you’ll hear the consistent hum of exhibitors networking in the main hall !  : )


Health and wellbeing of Haringey’s residents –

[PODCAST TIMESTAMP: 1 hour 15 mins 25 seconds – for your ease this section starts here]

Panel members included Zina Etheridge, Deputy Chief Executive, Haringey Council, Dr Peter Christian, Chair of Haringey Clinical Commissioning Group, Steve Hitchens, Chair – Whittington Health and Sharon Grant, Chair of Public Voice and Haringey Healthwatch.

Fundraising and local giving to improve community resilience –

[PODCAST TIMESTAMP: 2 hours 22 mins 0 seconds – for your ease this section starts here]

Panel members include Cllr Eugene Ayisi, Haringey Cabinet Member for Communities, Catherine West, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, Kristina Glenn, Director of Cripplegate Foundation and Islington Giving and Sona Mahtani, Chief Executive Officer of The Selby Trust.


Community Impact Award ceremony:

[PODCAST TIMESTAMP: 3 hours 31 mins 0 seconds – for your ease this section starts here]

The day ended with a Community Impact Award ceremony, to recognise the outstanding work and achievements of community groups and voluntary organisations that have made a difference to the lives of Haringey residents. This was vibrant and very well attended.

Improving the lives of children and young people in Haringey
Winner: Open Door (Young People’s Consultation Service)
Highly commended: CARIS Haringey (Homelessness)
Highly commended: Streetz Ahead (Dance and performance)

Improving the health and wellbeing of Haringey residents
Winner: Pedal Power (Cycling for disabled people)
Highly commended: Nafsiyat Intercultural therapy centre (psychotherapy)
Highly commended: Haringey Advisory Group on Alcohol (HAGA) (Alcohol misuse)

Improving the environment and community safety in Haringey
Winner: BUBIC (Support for drug users and their families)
Highly Commended: Ian Sygrave (Harringay Ladder Community Safety Partnership)
Highly Commended: Victim Support Haringey (Support for victims of crime or trauma)

Improving the skills and prosperity of Haringey residents
Winner: Moneywise Project – Citizens Advice Haringey (Support on finance and debt)
Highly commended: North London Partnership Consortium (Employment for local residents)
Highly commended: 5E Ltd (Skills, IT and vocational training)

Improving access to housing and inclusive communities for Haringey residents
Winner: CARIS Haringey (Homelessness)
Highly commended: Causeway Irish Housing Association (Housing and support for young single people)
Highly commended: Victim Support Haringey (Support for victims of crime or trauma)

Haringey Young Hero (Volunteer) of the Year
Winner: Limudin Ali
Highly commended: Group award – Y10 Peer Mentor Group at Woodside High School
Highly commended: Jaspar (Alexandra Park School)
Highly commended: Group award – Y5 students from Tetherdown Primary School.

Haringey Hero (Volunteer) of the Year
Winner: Georgina Pierre-Louis
Highly commended: Rose Dakuo
Highly commended: Jorge Francisco Pinto

Voluntary and Community Sector Newcomer
Winner: Ambitious College (Young people with autism)
Highly commended: Friends of Ally Pally Station (community gardening)
Highly commended: Sickle Cell Cause (Sickle cell support and education)

Haringey Voluntary and Community Organisation of the Year
Winner: Finsbury Park Sports Partnership (Community sports facilities management)
Highly commended: CARIS Haringey (Homelessness)
Highly commended: Jackson’s Lane (Community Arts)


The after party reasoning at the Chestnuts : )  –  interviews with a few event attendees based at the Chestnuts Community Centre:

[PODCAST TIMESTAMP: 3 hours 52 mins 0 seconds – for your ease this section starts here]

This section includes a brief interview with Councillor Eugene Ayisi, Haringey Cabinet Member for Communities.  Responsible for:

– Community Safety
– Engaging with the Police
– Tackling antisocial behaviour
– Chair – Community Safety Partnership
– Equalities
– Youth services and youth offending
– The voluntary sector
– Violence Against Women and Girls
– Community Strategy




This was a great event.

Enjoy the show.


STS0009: 1) Mayor Ali Speaks: The Vision Director for Queen Afua University outlines the concept to their UK practice-service mission. 2) Man Heal Thyself: Profound insights gained through a Man-Child-Woman relationship breakdown

SHOW:  School Teacher Speaks –

STS0009: 1) Mayor Ali Speaks: The Vision Director for Queen Afua University outlines the concept to their UK practice-service mission. 2) Man Heal Thyself: Profound insights gained through a Man-Child-Woman relationship breakdown.


Queen Afua is an internationally renowned best-selling author, holistic wellness entrepreneur and highly sought after natural health practitioner. She guides men and women on a holistic transformation journey to the Global City of Wellness.

With over 40 years of experience Queen Afua has built a Wellness Empire that includes: The Global City of Wellness movement, The Phenomenal Woman of Wellness School and The Heal Thyself School and her signature Heal Thyself and Sacred Spirit product line. She has published several critically acclaimed books. Now all of these schools are being advanced under the Queen Afua University.

She is the choreographer of the Womb Yoga Dance, as well as, creative architect, director and performer of the production “Overcoming an Angry Vagina”. For these and more she has received numerous awards and recognitions.

Her Son, Ali Torain,  is the National Spokesperson for Queen Afua’s Global City of Wellness Movement. Also known as ‘Ali the Great’, he was born in 1982, over 30 years ago, around the same time the Heal Thyself company was being conceived. Thus, Ali was raised in the holistic wellness movement. Upon graduating from Howard University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management he immediately began working with his mother, Queen Afua in the family business.

In his many years of dedicated work Ali has brought many great achievements to the company, including the launching of Queen Afua’s third  book, The City of Wellness in 2007, fourth book in 2010, fifth book in 2012 and the rebranding of Queen’s signature Heal Thyself product line. Over the years he has arranged numerous national and international tours for Queen Afua. Ali is assisting Queen Afua with the opening of the Queen Afua University and continues to be an active leader in the Wellness Movement and spokesperson for Queen Afua’s vision of a Global City of Wellness movement.

After attending their recent UK tour launch event Astehmari caught up with Ali at the Ankh Centre in Shepard’s Bush (London) to find out more about the Queen Afua University practice-service mission. Hear more of that reasoning in this podcast and also Ali shares some of his personal self transformation story; insights on transcending the challenging dynamics of man-child-woman breakdown with principles of total wellness.

STS0008: Mind over Body Chess Academy – Heads up, strategic approaches to education

SHOW:  School Teacher Speaks –

STS0008: Mind over Body Chess Academy – Heads up, strategic approaches to education


Mind Over Body Chess Academy: MOB Chess Academy becomes the latest community group to affiliate with OBU. Chess Tutor Asante tells us about the work of the academy

Anywhere in society where there are many young people growing up, people tend not to think before they act. People don’t look before they leap. If you think and look before you move, you can avoid many of life problems.

Mind Over Body Chess Academy is a community organisation based in Birmingham and London and founded by Chess Tutors Seba Asante and Seba Amosu to help improve children’s learning experience using chess as a tool to build upon the skills and knowledge children need to succeed in other areas.

The best way to improve the quality of life is to prepare our children with education that is progressive and practical.

Chess is a great game that can help you to develop your brain power. It is a game for young people and adults. Chess teaches thinking in an enjoyable way, because it takes place in a game context therefore all children should be encouraged to participate in the game. Chess helps children with their attitude to learning, helps them to concentrate and boost their self esteem through problem solving and conflict management.

Our children spend a lot of their free time playing sports and video games which is great, this keeps them active and off the streets. Children need different types of mental stimulation through activities that will not only help them to develop but also help them to realise their true potential.

It has been proven that children who play an hour of chess per week can improve their concentration, patience, memory, strategic & critical thinking plus much more. All these benefits have a tremendous effect on their ability to study at school.

Our aim at the chess academy is to use chess as a means to lead children in the right direction to success. The lessons are structured so that children learn the ability to be patient, how to plan ahead and develop their thinking. We provide a positive social activity to help children learn and succeed in life. Teaching chess is really about learning life lessons. The way we think, determines who we are. So if you improve one’s thinking you improve the person. For adults chess is a good activity for relieving stress, exercising the mind, helps in maintaining critical thinking skills and overall mental health. Many people have used the game of chess to practice ways to move forward in life.

We have four clubs currently running in the Birmingham area and two branches running in London.

In this interview Astehmari Batekun caught up with Seba Amosu and a new member to his Sunday class in Clapham Library (London).

HBL0002: The Magical, Traditional and Scientific use of Herbs with Galactic Clyde

SHOW:  Herb-biologic –

HBL0002: The Magical, Traditional and Scientific use of Herbs with Galactic Clyde


Ankhtology Services presented:

The Magical, Traditional, and Scientific usage of Herbs, in a four week interactive herbal course.

Members of the community came and learnt how to use and combine herbs for its effective powers to strengthen the immune system, to help fight off diseases and to reverse the ageing process.

Class instructor Galactic Clyde has over 30 years of working with herbs from a Traditional, Scientific, and Magical standpoint.  Galactic Clyde was the first to anagram the Ebola and find the healing properties of which the BBC broke the news later based on the same Herb.

“Herbology is a life time study with the body being its greatest laboratory”.

Listen enjoy and have the time of your life, with many  secrets being released. Learn new ways to tune into nature for intuitive messages.  Learn more about Galactic Clyde’s connections to some of the Greatest Herbalist as part of his learning process.  Such herbalists like the late Dr. Sebi, and the late Dr. Andoh. Get herbal information that will set you on the path of herbal wisdom and practice.


Galactic Clyde:  07961376356 or Remi: 07931587708



STS0007: Ancestral Voices 2 (Book) – A word with the author Dalian Adofo

SHOW:  School Teacher Speaks –



STS0007: Ancestral Voices 2 (Book) – A word with the author Dalian Adofo.


Dalian Adofo is a freelance creative artist who works across a range of media; from graphic design to film and video. He has also been in the teaching profession for over 10 years and also works on a range of youth work initiatives, both locally in the UK and abroad. He has also written and directed personal shorts and exhibited his artwork.

Culture is a fundamental element which bonds communities together, without it we lose identity and self awareness. The importance of preserving such knowledge is key to retelling the story of Africa and its contribution to world history, in a manner that is free from colonial imposition.


Ancestral Voices 2 (Book)


This book is a ground breaking exploration of humanity’s oldest documented faith practice; African Spirituality. A term often criticised for assuming homogeneity in African philosophy and culture that apparently does not exist. However, these research findings reveal intricate and broad commonalities across the various systems that clearly evidence a high level of unison in the Cosmological philosophies and practices of African people.

The Author explores the topic across millennia from the times of the Ancient Black Egyptians to contemporary practices on the Continent and in the Diaspora. Evidenced are striking commonalities in the spiritual philosophies and practices over time and space, showing they are derived from a common mind or source.

That what we term Vodou, Vodun, Ifa, Kandomble, Palo Mayombe, Kemetic Spirituality and the like are all but localised offshoots of the same tree so to speak.

As such, African Spirituality is shown to be an apt umbrella term for the various expressions the world over, one that will give its adherents official recognition and rights in the same manner various sects within mainstream religions are protected by law.

The book also gives practical advice and suggestions from various systems on how to cultivate an African Centred Spiritual life, so it is not just an essential piece of scholarly work to read but also an invaluable manual of instruction to have for cultivating one’s personal spiritual development.



STS0006: Family Directed Learning – a new language for parents, teachers and children (Chestnuts Community Centre – BHM Keynote Speaker 30th Oct 2016 – Astehmari Batekun)

SHOW:  School Teacher Speaks –



STS0006: Family Directed Learning – a new language for parents, teachers and children (Chestnuts Community Centre – BHM Keynote Speaker 30th Oct 2016 – Astehmari Batekun).


This podcast shares coverage of Chestnuts Community Centre’s final Black History Month event.  Hear Astehmari Batekun give a keynote presentation on the principles of Family Directed Learning and the Unifiedknowledge Language principle,  a new educational language for parents, teachers and children.

As a wonderful treat you’ll also hear the soulful voice of Lady CC too.

Referenced resources:

Abit’s Secret – story book on space, personal and universal.  This book also introduces the Unifiedknowledge approach to education.

Hair Structures Poster – Sheet 1: African hair structure explored in a rare poster detailing the structure from the root to the tip of the hair at the molecular level.



HBL0001: Alexan Adjoa – Restoring Hormonal Harmony and Symphony

SHOW:  Herbs-biologic –


HBL0001: Alexan Adjoa – Restoring Hormonal Harmony and Symphony


The Female Hormonal Symphony – do you need a tune-up?

Restoring Hormonal Harmony and Symphony was the topic Alexan Adjoa (Wisdom of Osun) discussed as part of the Chestnuts Community Centre Black History Month restoration celebration (Oct 2016). She discussed many ways to identify where the imbalances are, and natural, holistic therapies that can be very effective in balancing the body and getting the systems back “in tune”.

Women who experience hot flashes, night sweats, sleep issues, irritability, decreased libido, and/or weight gain, especially around the waistline, need to determine which system is out of tune.  Here is the recording of the lecture.


Wisdom of Osun

Provider of holistic workshops for womb healing and wellness.

Tel: 07929152379