CDT0001: Prof Donald Palmer speaks on Ethnic Skin Types – #uLearnScience2016

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Ethnic skin types: are there differences in skin structure and function? [#uLearnScience2016]

Professor Donald Palmer

Lead presenter Professor Donald Palmer
Brixton, Friday 11th March, 6.00pm – 9.00pm, FREE (£3+ donation is helpful)

People of skin of colour comprise the majority of the world’s population and Asian subjects comprise more than half of the total population of the earth. Even so, the literature on the characteristics of the subjects with skin of colour is limited. Several groups over the past decades have attempted to decipher the underlying differences in skin structure and function in different ethnic skin types. However, most of these studies have been of small scale and in some studies inter-individual differences in skin quality overwhelm any racial differences. There has been a recent call for more studies to address genetic together with phenotypic differences among different racial groups and in this respect several large-scale studies have been conducted recently. The most obvious ethnic skin difference relates to skin colour which is dominated by the presence of melanin.

Join us this evening as Professor Donald Palmer reviews and simplify a ground breaking paper by Prof A. V. Rawlings. Let’s get to know some of the principle ideas behind this very revealing question.


This event is part of the ulearn Naturally Science Week 2016 Programme, a contribution to British Science Week 2016 from Abundance Centres (UK) –

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