BOUS0003: #BOURadioShow #003 – Mon 16th Dec 2019 @BlessRadioUK

SHOW: Black Open University Show

BOUS0003: BOURadioShow #003 – Mon 16th Dec 2019 @BlessRadioUK


@uLearnNaturally and @BlackOpenUni welcomes you to the third (#003) edition of the #BlackOpenUniversityShow (#BOURadioShow, #futuristSTEAM) on @BlessRadioUK

Rebuilding #STEM education


#STEAM’d uP thought:
– Science
– Technology
– Engineering
– the Arts (Creative Cultural Arts)
– Mathematics


10pm to 12 every Monday night; rebuild deep & complete.

Greetings Black Open University Show – YehTehwagi Sehlamta
– Show greetings, introductions, show structure & key links –

Show Parts:

1. Gzat – iProvince studies for better improved spacial  awareness (weekly astronomy updates).

2. Zena Gize – educational news updates; local, national and global.

3. BOU Course Insights

  • Level Being 9 – Mastery & Preparations for Mastery, Excellence in STEM learning at GCSE levels from 5y-19y old (website)
  • Educating with Unifiedknowledge – Pedagogy studies for parents and teachers.  Learn about education and educating from an African place of Being (website). (Get the pedagogy “code” book)
    • a review of the culture of Unifiedknowledge
    • a review of the objectives of Unifiedknowledge
  • Hair Structure Science – Hair Structures & the Alpha Helix Design learn about the biological structures in hair from the root to the elemental level (website).
  • Dankira Tehwagi (African Warrior Dance) – martial arts and science culture, fitness, dance, drama and the development of free expression (website).

4. The Weekly Special Feature a detailed review of a #uLearnNaturally point of interest.

  • ​eLearning Africa 2019 report back by the e_merge Africa team Pt 2
  • Daphne Koller – Cofounder, Coursera – Q&A on potential improvements in MOOC

5. Sababu Gize – open phone lines for concise listener commentary or questions, 5 minutes per caller to allow as many listeners to build with the show.