ITC0008: The Rhythm Of Life – The Reggae Exhibition

SHOW: Inside the Chestnut –

ITC0008: The Rhythm Of Life – The Reggae Exhibition
– June 2019 at Chestnuts Community Centre, London N15

The Reggae Exhibition was established in June 2012 in conjunction with the Jamaican Expo (London 2012) in Stratford, East London. It was established to celebrate Reggae music in general and the enormous influence Reggae music has had on other musical genres in particular. Importantly, the Exhibition will explore the very Roots of Reggae music and how it developed into the most popular musical genre.

The Exhibition featured a compilation of the history, advent and world-wide growth of Reggae. All the major influences and traditions leading to the development of other genres that evolved from Reggae were presented with previously unpublished photos, pictures, leaflets, flyers and sketches being exhibited.

There were workshops, special guest, drummers and dancers.

In this podcast hear from two visitors to the exhibition who share, in reasoning, their deep thoughts on the nature of reggae in the context of this wonderful celebration (

  • Ras Alkebu Selassie – musician, journalist, producer
  • Empress Patricia Palmer & Ras Colin Robinson (Founder)

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