THES0002: The Black Child Agenda – Conference 2018

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THES0002: The Black Child Agenda – Conference 2018

The Black Child Agenda Conference came to TOTTENHAM on Saturday 15th Sept 2018.

It was a jam packed day filled with #facts #solutions #rants  #upliftingtalks and was #unapologetic on issues of education, social care, street violence, stop and search, your legal rights on criminal matters, societal injustice, disproportional risks of exclusion, facing discrimination, the school to prison pipeline and much more.

What practical steps can you take to avoid these issues?  Listen carefully to this podcast for rare and unapologetically frank talking.

Time: 00h00m
Barbara Ellis
The history of the Black Child in the UK education system

Time: 00h49m
Alison Morgan
Crime, Stop & Search and your legal rights

Time: 01h14m
Jennifer Obaseki
Immigration, deportation and what you really need to know

Time: 01h49m
Vanessa Bobb
A Second Voice, Fighting for the rights of your Autistic Child

Time: 02h06m
Tony Harrison
Outside mainstream education

Time: 02h26m
Paul Laurence
How to keep a healthy parent child balance

Time: 02h44m
Maria Rooney
How to navigate the social care system – the truth in its rawest form

Time: 03h14m
Lexy Byer and Deborah FP
Parent Power, Taking back control of your child’s education and wellbeing

Time: 03h31m
Denise Richards
Business and Community Fundraising

Time: 03h47m
Cheryl Phoenix
Breaking down the Schools to Prison Pipeline, How to successfully challenge your child’s school when they are in the wrong.


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At the event the Black Open University Launched our Special Report: The flaws in Attainment 8 – Part 1 : Should schools be most accountable to the community or the government?  Download your free copy from here:

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