ITC0001: Haringey Voluntary and Community Sector Expo 2016 – A 1st for the Bridge Renewal Trust

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ITC0001: Haringey Voluntary and Community Sector Expo 2016 – A 1st for the Bridge Renewal Trust

On Friday 25 November 2016 from 11.00am – 4.00pm the uLearn Naturally Radio team attended the Bridge Renewal Trust‘s 1st organisation of Haringey Voluntary and Community Sector Expo 2016. This very successful event took place at Tottenham Town Hall and there the outstanding work and achievements of Haringey’s community groups and voluntary organisations were showcased.

The Bridge Renewal Trust in partnership with The London Borough of Haringey invited all to attend this annual public event and large numbers of the public and partner organisations from the voluntary, public and private sectors turned out en-mass.


There was a mix of activities including exhibition stalls, panel discussions and awards to recognise a variety of achievements.



Stall Organisation – Area of work

1 Open Door – youth

2 Rockstone Foundation – sport and physical activity

3 Just Add Spice – time credits

4 Haringey Recovery Service – drugs and alcohol

5 Bringing Unity Back in the Community (BUBIC) – drugs

6 HAGA – alcohol

7 Studio 306 Collective – arts & crafts

8 Word Power Black Literature Festivals – arts and culture

9 Push Camp UK (the people development company)

10 PHASCA (Pyramid Health and Social Care Association) – health

11 Innovative Vision Organisation – HIV, skills, health

12 HENRY – early years

13 Haringey Forum For Older People – older people

14 Selby Trust – infrastructure (Community)

15 HAVCO – infrastructure

16 Victim Support Haringey – crime / safety

17 Haringey Law Centre Legal – advice

18 Tottenham Community Press – media

19 Unity Radio – radio

20 Streetz Ahead – health / physical act.

21 Abundance Centres (UK) – uLearn Naturally Radio – education / radio

22 Ambitious about Autism – Ambitious College – disability / education

23 MLB Learning Solutions – enterprise

24 Elite Estate Recycling; Live Eat Recycle – environment

25 Roj Women Association – Kurdish & Turkish Women’s Centre

26 Lordship Hub – environment

27 Causeway Irish Housing Association – housing

28 Circle Housing – housing

29 St Mungo’s – housing

30 Highway House – homeless

31 StART – St Ann’s Redevelopment Trust – regeneration

32 Northumberland Park Resident Board – regeneration

33 Mind in Haringey Mental – health

34 Nafsiyat Mental – health

35 Embrace UK – health

36 A-Team Mental – health

37 HAIL – disability

38 Markfield – disability

39 Public Voice / Healthwatch / Haringey Advice Partnership – health watchdog

40 Haringey Citizens Advice / Crutch Haringey – advice

41 Bridge Renewal Trust Health – community


Funding Workshop and one to one sessions by The Arts Council England (fundraising support and insights):

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Paul Bonham (Diversity Relationship Manager) from the Arts Council gave a very insightful workshop on Arts council funding.



Featured facilitators:

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brilliance-acuk-logo-2016-w900 rabu-black-crane-thumbnail

Unifiedknowledge approach to education (Maths taught through creative arts – drumming) by Schools Of Unified Learning (SOUL) c/o Abundance Centres (UK) & Astehmari Batekun



Dance demo by Streetz Ahead – Principal Dancer: Elisabeth Lahav – “Streetz Ahead inspires young people to express themselves to build their confidence through the power of dance and performance in a creative, inclusive and supportive environment and also engages a wider range of young audiences through their professional productions using their unique style.”


Panel discussions:


The uLearn Naturally Radio team were the official independent recorders of the day, we spoke with visitors, exhibitors and in this podcast you’ll be able to hear the full discourse of the panel discussions which took place in the side hall. Those discussions were very interesting so you’ll be pleased to now be able to hear from local experts and decision makers on two topics that local people were keen to address (in the background you’ll hear the consistent hum of exhibitors networking in the main hall !  : )


Health and wellbeing of Haringey’s residents –

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Panel members included Zina Etheridge, Deputy Chief Executive, Haringey Council, Dr Peter Christian, Chair of Haringey Clinical Commissioning Group, Steve Hitchens, Chair – Whittington Health and Sharon Grant, Chair of Public Voice and Haringey Healthwatch.

Fundraising and local giving to improve community resilience –

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Panel members include Cllr Eugene Ayisi, Haringey Cabinet Member for Communities, Catherine West, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, Kristina Glenn, Director of Cripplegate Foundation and Islington Giving and Sona Mahtani, Chief Executive Officer of The Selby Trust.


Community Impact Award ceremony:

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The day ended with a Community Impact Award ceremony, to recognise the outstanding work and achievements of community groups and voluntary organisations that have made a difference to the lives of Haringey residents. This was vibrant and very well attended.

Improving the lives of children and young people in Haringey
Winner: Open Door (Young People’s Consultation Service)
Highly commended: CARIS Haringey (Homelessness)
Highly commended: Streetz Ahead (Dance and performance)

Improving the health and wellbeing of Haringey residents
Winner: Pedal Power (Cycling for disabled people)
Highly commended: Nafsiyat Intercultural therapy centre (psychotherapy)
Highly commended: Haringey Advisory Group on Alcohol (HAGA) (Alcohol misuse)

Improving the environment and community safety in Haringey
Winner: BUBIC (Support for drug users and their families)
Highly Commended: Ian Sygrave (Harringay Ladder Community Safety Partnership)
Highly Commended: Victim Support Haringey (Support for victims of crime or trauma)

Improving the skills and prosperity of Haringey residents
Winner: Moneywise Project – Citizens Advice Haringey (Support on finance and debt)
Highly commended: North London Partnership Consortium (Employment for local residents)
Highly commended: 5E Ltd (Skills, IT and vocational training)

Improving access to housing and inclusive communities for Haringey residents
Winner: CARIS Haringey (Homelessness)
Highly commended: Causeway Irish Housing Association (Housing and support for young single people)
Highly commended: Victim Support Haringey (Support for victims of crime or trauma)

Haringey Young Hero (Volunteer) of the Year
Winner: Limudin Ali
Highly commended: Group award – Y10 Peer Mentor Group at Woodside High School
Highly commended: Jaspar (Alexandra Park School)
Highly commended: Group award – Y5 students from Tetherdown Primary School.

Haringey Hero (Volunteer) of the Year
Winner: Georgina Pierre-Louis
Highly commended: Rose Dakuo
Highly commended: Jorge Francisco Pinto

Voluntary and Community Sector Newcomer
Winner: Ambitious College (Young people with autism)
Highly commended: Friends of Ally Pally Station (community gardening)
Highly commended: Sickle Cell Cause (Sickle cell support and education)

Haringey Voluntary and Community Organisation of the Year
Winner: Finsbury Park Sports Partnership (Community sports facilities management)
Highly commended: CARIS Haringey (Homelessness)
Highly commended: Jackson’s Lane (Community Arts)


The after party reasoning at the Chestnuts : )  –  interviews with a few event attendees based at the Chestnuts Community Centre:

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This section includes a brief interview with Councillor Eugene Ayisi, Haringey Cabinet Member for Communities.  Responsible for:

– Community Safety
– Engaging with the Police
– Tackling antisocial behaviour
– Chair – Community Safety Partnership
– Equalities
– Youth services and youth offending
– The voluntary sector
– Violence Against Women and Girls
– Community Strategy




This was a great event.

Enjoy the show.