AA0003: 2019 Africa Cup of Nations – Opening Ceremony

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AA0003: 2019 Africa Cup of Nations – Opening Ceremony


Well done Egypt on hosting a wonderful opening to the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.


Beautiful show.

AA0002: BCA Summer Festival 2017 – 3rd Year Celebration – Presentations Discussions & Extracts

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AA0002: BCA Summer Festival 2017 – 3rd Year Celebration – Presentations, Discussions & Extracts (https://broadcast.ulearnnaturally.org/podspace/?p=351)

uLearn Naturally Radio Joined the Black Cultural Archive (BCA) to celebrate 3 years on the historic Windrush Square of Brixton (South London).  This event was facilitated in partnership with  Inspirational YOU and crew.

Since opening the doors to the only heritage centre in the country solely dedicated to Black heritage in Britain, they have welcomed thousands of visitors, from families of all ages to school groups. They have showcased five major exhibitions, heralding the achievements of Black Women, revealing the untold history of the Black Georgians to the ingenuity of Black British musicians.

The celebration welcomed local talent and performers from across the diaspora, it was a day of cultural heritage and enjoyment. There where live performances, fresh refreshments, the best in local art, craft and clothing stalls, books, children’s activities, face-painting, live music, and discussions.

We recorded two of the discussions for your edification:

  1. Black Women: Past, Present an Future Creative Narratives – Hosted by Black Blossoms
  2. Living and working in Africa and Asia – Mbeke Waseme


AA0002: BCA Summer Festival 2017 – 3rd Year Celebration – Presentations Discussions & Extracts

AA0001: Music For Youth (MFY) – National Festival 2016 – Several schools performing orchestral music.

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It was a real pleasure seeing Francis Winston, a classically trained Composer, Clarinetist & Saxophonist, Producer, Educator, Writer, and now currently Head of Music at The Charter School (Southwark, London) conducting his schools mixed age group orchestra at the Music for Youth National Festival 2016 (July 7th) in Birmingham, wonderful!


Many of his former clients and students have gone on to become music industry professionals, working with established artists such as Damon Dash, Emeli Sande, Ellie Goulding, Jay-Z, Jessie-J, Leona Lewis, Naughty Boy, Pharrell Williams and Tim Westwood but to name a few.

Music for Youth returned to Birmingham with the largest youth music festival to celebrate the UK’s most inspiring young musicians. The city came alive with 5 days of extraordinary music, taking place across 3 world class stages and city-centre locations. There were over 400 live performances.  Have a listen here on uLearn Naturally Radio to some of the great school performances I heard, including The Charter School’s ground breaking performance of A Fifth Of Beethoven and Going The Distance (Bill Conti).

It is important to note Francis Winston’s grand and successful efforts in bringing the empowerment of being on national platforms to children of diverse heritage. These national platforms should feel honoured too, even if they never seem to recognise the facts and inner vibes.

Hail the young people of The Charter School Orchestra.

Hail Master Winston, keep up the great works.

You’ve got to checkout The Charter School’s Blog, their voice, their experience:  http://www.charter.southwark.sch.uk/news/?pid=15&nid=6&storyid=123